Time with the Thimots – Family from Haiti

“…he who refreshes other will himself be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25
The Bridge Church | BR and the New Orleans Church of Christ got a special blessing these past couple weeks. Our brother and sister, Adler and Lynda Thimot, came into town to spend time with the brothers and sisters in Louisiana.
Adler and Lynda are the Lead Evangelist and Women’s Ministry leader of the Cap-Haitien International Church of Christ. Their faith through the years and hearts to lead our brothers and sisters in Haiti is truly admirable. Although they too have their share of trials, it was inspiring to hear how they lead with vulnerability and humility, boldly sharing their faith, raising up future leaders, and tending to the flock with compassionate hearts.
The Bridge Church | BR had the privilege to sit at Adler’s feet for a Sunday Sermon. His lesson called “Will He Find Faith in You?” He spoke on how “Faith can be an elusive prey. When situations in our life are good and positive, faith can seem almost tangible and in great supply. However, during unforeseen challenges faith can seem like a mist that vanishes too soon. If Jesus is to find faith in us when he returns – whether it’s a good day or a bad day – we must be persistent in our belief and reliance on God’s word to lead and direct our lives. We also need to persist in allowing others to help us find faith. But it takes humility to be directed — by God and by his people. When we are humble, we be grateful for every “crumb” offered to us as we grow in faith.” (Thanks, Damiane Ricks! Note taker for this quote.) The fellowship was buzzing after such a deep, challenging, and inspiring sermon.
The women of The Bridge Church | BR got to hear Lynda’s heart during a Women’s Midweek lesson: STICK TO GOD! She challenged the women to stick close to the vine and remember the fruit of the Spirit. As she shared from John and Galatians, she reminded the women how important deep, discipling relationships are to the health of any disciple. The close of her lesson called disciples of Jesus to be humble and to be serving, especially towards those that are harder for us to love.
What a time, right?! They gave countless hours to leaders, families, and anyone they met along the way. The Adlers gave their hearts and we hope and pray they too feel refreshed and inspired as they get settled back home in Haiti. Both The Bridge Church | BR and The New Orleans Church of Christ love you both and are praying for you and the churches in Haiti! Au Revoir…for now!

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