Job Description – Church Leader, Bridge Church Baton Rouge

The church leader(s) provides ecclesiastical, spiritual leadership of its members and administrative management of church resources for the congregation. The leader(s) provides guidance, vision and training for staff and volunteer leaders to equip them to help others mature spiritually, evangelize and help bring non-Christians to Christ. The leader(s) is responsible for the spiritual welfare of each ministry of the church to include campus, teens, singles and married ministries. The leader(s) is also responsible for considering how to meet the needs of the congregation’s men and women. The leader(s) possesses effective management skills that allows him/her to set and reach objectives, plan and organize events, manage budgets, resolve conflicts, and delegate decisions appropriately while conducting a personal ministry to lead non-Christians to Christ.


The desired candidate(s) will have experience leading a ministry. Participation in a ministry training academy (MTA) is a plus. Must be recognized as having proven leadership skills demonstrated through either church leadership or other key leadership positions within a church.

General Expectations

  • Devotes daily time to Bible study and prayer
  • Is involved in personal discipleship, either in a small group or one-on-one with other leaders
  • Is a self-starter
  • Demonstrates love and compassion for people
  • Effective communicator: written and oral
  • Effective time manager
  • Is devoted to continuing education and adding to his faith

Specific Requirements

  • Prepares weekly sermons and lessons
  • Plans and leads Sunday services and midweek meetings
  • Trains members to study the Bible with non-Christians
  • Studies the Bible with non-Christians to lead them to Christ
  • Sets yearly calendar of events/meetings for the congregation
  • Conducts personal appointments with members as needed to meet the spiritual needs of individual members; builds family
  • Develops a team of staff and volunteer leaders to lead the church; meets with them regularly for prayer, Bible study, mentoring and review of church plans
  • Ensures expenditures comply with the budget approved by the church board of directors; proposes revisions as needed
  • Oversees rental of facilities for services and other church meetings
  • Responsible for the accuracy, completeness and integrity of membership rolls and information
  • Mentors staff and volunteer leaders directly or through a discipling tree
  • Promote opportunities for growth and development of current and future leaders
  • Metes out appropriate church discipline as needed
  • Develops and pursues relationships with other church leaders, especially within our family of churches in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.